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Support for Families

Why is Home-Start needed by families?

Many parents need help, friendship and support when their children are young.

Common reasons for Home-Start support are;

  •   A family feeling lonely or isolated with no family support.
  •   A family struggling with the emotional/physical demands of having young children.
  •   A mother may be suffering from post natal depression.
  •   A family who may need help with practical things such as shopping or budgeting.
  •   A family with twins, triplets or many children under 5. 
  •   A family finding it hard to cope with their child's ill health or disability.

Anyone can refer a family to Home-Start and families can refer themselves. Families are often referred to us via their Health Visitor, Social Worker or by another organisation such as Women's Aid.

The Coordinators visit every new family to explain about Home-Start and the services we offer. Families must know they are being referred to Home-Start and must be willing to accept a visit.

There is no time limit set and families are supported for as long as required. The volunteer/family match is reviewed every three months to ensure things are running smoothly.

How Do We Help?

 Home-Start Kirkcaldy Scottish Charity SC020659 
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